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Backwards Through the Looking Glass

Location: UK


Words: It’s time to stare into the eyes of the void and ask for guidance and enlightenment, but also to acknowledge the effect that the sun has on our lives.

The difference between the state of waking and the state of dreaming is so subtle, and yet is still the boundary between the transient and the substantial, the magical and the mundane.

Have you ever stared deep into the eyes of another person and basked in the revelation of true beauty and understanding? Or does your gaze only briefly linger on the periphery of understanding; never questing and never striving to discover the truth?

Every sound here comes from that place, where truth and beauty combine to aid understanding and enlightenment. The sounds are only postcards from the edge of a swirling abyss, or clues to unlock the secrets of subconscious thought.

Sometimes, when many lights illuminate a situation it is difficult to trace the source of true light; the genesis of conscious thought and understanding. Even the brightest soul stumbles in the dark,blinded by contrasting realities.

It is through our weaknesses that we grow strong, and through our mistakes that we learn.

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