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Bob Fleming

Location: Bedale, UK


Words: Singer / song writer. Guitarist. Artist. Comedian. Actor. Writer. Tour de force. Some of these words may vaguely describe the phenomenon and living legend that is Bob Fleming. Humble and modest also.

When a genetically altered badger and a texas bar maid united in what can only be described as a beautiful aggravated intoxicated fumble, an artist of questionable brilliance and talent was conceived. Thirteen months later a baby was born named Bob Fleming.

Raised by Jimmy Nail’s albino love shoe he absorbed creativity and talent like a massive ginger sponge picking up, without haste, all kinds of gifts and skills. When he young he was a red hot player of the spoons. A manipulator of metal some said, others told him to shush as their tiny minds could not handle the sheer abundance of talent in the tapping of those culinary rhythm sticks.

Bob then travelled the planet Earth using a margarine horse as his preferred mode of transport (due its excellent aquatic ability and smooth ride) honing craft after skill to culminate in the plethora of talents he displays willingly and with unease.

Whether he is singing and playing the guitar, writing comedy, creating works of ‘art’ or dolphin training he is equally comfortable with each talent he gifts the world with.

Now satisfied he cannot learn anymore because that will overload his boggle mind he settled in the sleepy rural wonder that is Bedale, where via the medium of the world wide web or internet if you prefer he brings little parcels of joy usually in an MP3 format for you to download for FREE.

Bob’s latest offering is the new EP ‘The Sniff’ which you can download for FREE if you wish from the Corporate Records website.

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