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Location: Northallerton, UK

Contact: Satan


Words: Demons are...

Bob Fleming - vocals

Tom Flanagan - guitars, backing vocals, noises

Andrew Lock - bass, backing vocals

Reuben Anthony James - drums

Computers can be used for tasks other than trawling the internet and streaming freakish pornography apparently. They can also be used to record music. On discovering this phenomenon the DEMONS project was formed.

Tom, Bob and Andrew have played in a band together for many years, writing and performing various styles of music from funk to rock; blues to dance. After been introduced to drummer Reuben Anthony James they used their previous experience to experiment with the vast landscape of opportunities presented through computer recording.

From this experimentation the concept album 'The Sins' was born. Each song would be their own personal view on each of the Seven Deadly Sins - a confessional some might say.

A few months later and many hours cooked in a room together discovering the edge of insanity the album is now completed and ready for public listening pleasure.

Signed to Corporate Records their music has been digitally distributed and available through corporate records; DEMONS - The Sins is now available for you to download. You can pay as much or as little as you want for it… even dare we say it… download it for free!!

DEMONS are now embarking on constructing their second album. Updates will be on twitter and facebook so join to keep in touch.

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