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Tap the Keg

Location: UK

Words: Tap the Keg were a four / five / six piece folk band based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Paddy and Peter Fleming – two brothers with an Irish Background – had been singing and playing on the local folk scene for some years when in 1985, they were joined by young local musician with experience in rock, pop, blues and country and western groups – Nigel Stockbridge. Tap the Keg was born.

In late 1986 the band made their first recording ‘Cellars of Songs’ and accordionist John Haydock was brought in to add to their musical skills. Shortly after John began to appear at Tap the Keg live performances and it seemed like he always had been there.

Enjoyment of the music, rather than analysis of it, is what brought the group together. Tap the Keg first and foremost were a lively folk band based around the definite Irish influence of Paddy and Peter with their intense vocals and exciting rhythms on two contrasting guitars. The band was selective but not puritan about their material and was always listening out for strong songs and tunes irrespective of origin, whether they are contemporary or traditional.

Continuing to gig further afield throughout the United Kingdom they embarked on tours abroad to Ireland and Norway spreading their unique sound for all to hear and enjoy.

Over the next ten years various musicians would join in with Peter, Paddy, Nigel and John. All would bring with them amazing talent and a new dynamic to the band.

The second album 'One for the Road' was released in 1988 using a wider range of instruments and more variation in the songs they played. Again the reaction from their ever growing fan base was extremely positive.

‘Still Flowing Free’ was the third studio album released in 1991. They again brought in new instruments and recorded songs that were not just the run of the mill traditional folk classics. David Harris would join the band before recording this album to add his excellent guitar work to the band.

After ten years and various members Tap the Keg released their final album in 1995. ‘Ten Years in the Wood’ was a culmination of ten years experience and a final good bye to their loyal fans throughout the world. Joined by Tony Malone and Len Wilson for the album they would continue with this line up until the band went their separate ways. They would still continue to share their individual musical talents with the public and other musicians.

In 2002 Paddy unfortunately passed away but left many people feeling happier when he touched their lives. Peter recorded a song he wrote called ‘Walking with Angels’ as a tribute to Paddy and it is also available through corporate records.

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