Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Music

Q. Is everything on here pay-what-you-like?

A. No, artists can set a number of pricing options - including setting a minimum and even a maximum, if they want to sell at one set price. Pay-What-You-Like is our recommended default.

Q. How much of what I pay goes to the artist?

A. Paypal charges a fee to handle all transactions, after this has been paid, Artists start off receiving 80% of revenue they generate. As they make sales, this percentage goes up incrementally until they qualify for a 90% payout

Q. Are the Mp3s on here good quality?

A. Artists can upload a number of audio formats, including wavs and aiffs - these are automatically converted to 256kbps Mp3s. Sometimes an artist might choose to upload a lower quality Mp3, which we leave alone. the bitrate of all Mp3s is displayed on their download pages.

Q. I bought a release, but it says it's a "zip" file. Where's my music?

A. A "zip" file is a way of putting several different files inside a single file so that they can all be downloaded in one go. Windows PCs and Macs make it very easy to extract the files inside, see here: windows.microsoft.com/...uncompress-files-zip-files (windows) or here: www.scrapwow.com/...unzip_a_file_on_a_mac (mac).

If you'd prefer to use third party software to extract your zip, there are many options available online - winzip, stuffit and winrar are all reputable pieces of software.

Q. How do I add my release to iTunes?

A. In iTunes, go to the "File" menu and click on "Add Folder To Library...". Navigate to the folder containing the release and select it, then click "Select Folder". That's it. Corporate Records tags all the MP3s on our site correctly and includes artwork in zipped downloads, so iTunes should have no trouble adding your release to its library with all the right details already filled in.

Q. I want to share this music with my friends online, can I?

A. We want you to share the music you find on Corporate Records and we've tried to make it as easy as possible. You can use the icons on every track and release page to share links to them on twitter and facebook. You can also use the URL in the 'share' box to link directly yourself. If you blog, you can use the embed code on any track page to place a streaming player on your blog that links back to us.

Q. OK, but I usually just upload stuff to sendspace or something, can't I do that?

A. We'd rather you didn't as everything is available here in the way that the artist has chosen to offer it - it just seems a bit of a waste of everybody's time.

Q. Hey! I just found some music on here that doesn't belong to the guy who's selling it? WTF, man?

A. While we do everything in our power to ensure that people don't break our Terms Of Service and upload stuff that isn't theirs, we're aware that something might slip through the cracks. Please do us a favour and click the copyright infringement link at the bottom of the suspect page so we can investigate. If anyone is found to be using the site illegally they will have their account deleted.

Q. My download didn't work!

A. Send us an email giving as much detail as you can, we're sorry and we'll sort it out ASAP.

Q. Do you have an iPhone app?

A. Not right now.

Q. I hate digital music, I want to own something with my music on it - can't I buy this stuff on CD?

A. Corporate Records doesn't take any rights from artists who use it to sell downloads, so the right to manufacture CDs and Vinyls remains with them. They do have the option to add a link to physical products to their pages, but that is their responsibility. If you really want a CD, you should use the contact form on their artist page to ask them if they have any available.

Q. I paid for the download, can i get a discount on the CD?

A. Again, that's up to the artist - you can use the contact form on their artist page to ask them, though we can't guarantee they'll take it well ;)

Corporate Records is pretty new, and we're having to take a guess at what kind of questions you'll want answered. If you need to know something that we've left out, please contact us and we'll try and get back to you ASAP - as well make sure your question is included when we update this FAQ. Thank you for using Corporate Records.