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At Corporate Records we recognise that cool and exciting though the digital revolution is, there are still people out there who want a physical product to contain the music they love. We are convinced that the demand for unremarkable CDs is on an uninteruptable downward trajectory - but we think that there will always be a market for beautiful, unique special editions.

For these reasons, Corporate Records is seeking submissions from artists who want to work with us to make and sell high end products. Our business model here is more traditional - we will sign you, pay for things, recoup spending and then pay you 50% of the profits - just like a normal record company.

The best way to submit your music to us is by using the site. We are keeping an eye on site statistics. If your releases do well and we like your stuff, we might well proposition you. If you would like to draw your music to our attention, email with a link to your artist page on the site.